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THE COMPLETE LIBRARY CONSISTS OF 10 ITALIAN SOUND EFFECT CATEGORIES: AMBIENCES, CARS, COOKING, MOTORCYCLES, PEOPLE, RAILS, RELIGIOUS, SIRENS, SPORTS and VARIOUS. MORE THAN 2500 SOUND FILES RECORDED AT 96/48K 24 BIT IN OVER 33 GIGABYTES CONTINUOUSLY UPDATING. Purchasing this product will also give you access to future updates. You will receive an email notification for each update and be able to download the newest addition on your account page. CATEGORIES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY.


A collection of authentic italian ambiences from cities to countryside, indoor and outdoor..
The library contains sounds from airports, bars, restaurants, markets, supermarkets, offices, room tones, traffics, constructions sites, parks, hospitals, playgrounds, beaches, pubs, halls, residentials, countryside, cicadas, crickets, rains, sea waves, train stations and a nice collections of Venice sounds, very useful for old style city ambiences


Sound of Italy - Cars - Italian sound effects library

Cars features authentic recordings of italian speed cars such as a FERRARI, ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, LAMBORGHINI and italian vintage cars such as FIAT 500L, FIAT BALILLA, FIAT 600, ALFA ROMEO GIULIA, APE CAR PIAGGIO and more. Includes starting/stopping, pass-by’s, approaches, onboard recordings, horn doppler recordings and more


A huge collection of delicious sounds in the kitchen.
The library contains sounds of frying, boiling, pouring (water, milk, wine, salt, ice cubes, San Pellegrino), cutting, stirring, whisking. Also includes recordings of electric mixers, cork pops, oranges and tomatoes squashed, vegetables stressed, dishes, glasses, silverwares, pots, drawers, refrigerators, gas ignitions and more.


A collection of authentic Italian motorcycles and scooters – includes recordings of models like the Moto Guzzi, Ciao Piaggio, Vespa Piaggio and Ducati. Recordings include pass-bys, onboard, starting, idle, stopping


This is the italian folk music sound library and includes a little selection of typical italian folk music royalty free.


A collection of authentic Italian voices from babies, children, crowds, and conversations.


A collection of rail sounds, including trams (cable cars), trains and subways.
The library contains sounds like arrivals, departures, pass-bys and on-board recordings. Metallic wheel sounds, air release, pneumatic doors opening and closing, crowds / passengers, cabins, restrooms and engine sounds are also captured. Both interior and exterior recordings are included, as well as PA announcements.


A collection of authentic recordings from churches, ceremonies and processions.
The library contains sounds like church ambiences, church bells, crowds from the main historic cities in Italy, empty churches, prayers, choirs, chants both interior and exterior


Ambulance, police and fire truck sirens, alarms captured in Italy. Features both cars, fire trucks and motorcycles – and comes with doppler pass-bys, stationary, close, distant and in-car siren recordings. A selection of car/house alarms is also included.


This is a collection of authentic sounds from italian sporting events. The library contains soccer sounds from crowd chanting, singing, cheering, booing and whistling, and also includes extreme close recordings of amateur soccer matches on grass and concrete.


In this category you can find other miscellaneous italian sound effects.
Airplanes, helicopters, animals, rivers, rains, fireworks, barman making coffe and cappuccino, city bus, telephones and other.
A small collection of sounds you can download for free.