Sound of Italy crew
Sound of Italy crew
SOUND OF ITALY is a sound effects library created for those who need an authentic italian flavor in their sound productions. It is a huge sound kit to help sound designers everywhere recreate a real Italian environment. And not only……..
There is a wide variety of original indoor and outdoor ambiences, urban places, along with many rural and natural settings and a small kit of folk music recordings. There are kitchen sounds (frying, boiling, pouring, cutting, stirring, whisking,  electric mixers, cork pops, oranges and tomatoes squashed, vegetables stressed, dishes, glasses, silverwares, pots, drawers, refrigerators, gas ignitions and more), restaurants, markets, supermarkets, bars, hospitals; crowds in a range of public places, parks, beaches, soccer matches (pro and amateur), stadium crowds, TV commentaries and sound bites; the voices of babies, kids and adults (fighting, screaming, playing, crying); airports, subways, stations, PA announcements, police and ambulance sirens, alarms; church bells, church ambiences (prayers, choirs, chants, processions), city traffic and a rich variety of typical vehicles, including speed cars (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini..), vintage cars (Fiat 500L, Fiat Balilla, Fiat 600, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Piaggio Apecar), cable cars, high speed trains, airplanes, buses, motorcycles and scooters (Piaggio, Ducati, Moto Guzzi..). All this and much much more.. updated continuously.
Each sound is strictly recorded in Italy.
The COMPLETE LIBRARY consists of 11 categories of typical italian sound effects, you can also purchase individually:
More than 1400 sound files in over 12 gigabytes.
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137 sound files
Sound of Italy - Ambiences


280 sound files
Sound of Italy - Cars - Italian sound effects library


338 sound files
Sound of Italy - Cooking 2

Folk Music

21 sound files
Sound of Italy - Music 2


102 sound files
Sound of Italy - Motorcycles 2


125 sound files
sound effects


158 sound files
Sound effects


55 sound files
Sound of Italy - Religious 2


67 sound files
Sound of Italy - Sirens 2


62 sound files
Sound of Italy - Sports 2


74 sound files
Sound of Italy - Various 2


1419 sound files
Sound of Italy - Complete 4

Listen a Demo here

 Latest Updates

We have updated the CARS category. You can find more speed sound cars like Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari Challenge EVO and the legendary Alfa 75.  – Click below to listen the demo –