The Cooking category has just been updated

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The file is named Cooking Addon 1

Here is the list of sound effects we added:

COOKING bottles movements.wav
COOKING chair scrape – slide on wooden floor.wav
COOKING cup dish glass bowl – set down on table.wav
COOKING dishes movement.wav
COOKING dishes movements – placed on table.wav
COOKING dishwasher run – open close door.wav
COOKING draining pasta.wav
COOKING drawer open – close_1.wav
COOKING drawer open – close_2.wav
COOKING drawer open – close_3.wav
COOKING drawer open – close_4.wav
COOKING drawer open – close_5.wav
COOKING electric food mixer – start running stop_1.wav
COOKING electric food mixer – start running stop_2.wav
COOKING electric food mixer – start running stop.wav
COOKING exhaust fan – start running stop.wav
COOKING grating Parmigiano cheese.wav
COOKING grinder – pepper.wav
COOKING handling pots – table noise.wav
COOKING handling pots_1.wav
COOKING handling pots.wav
COOKING handling various objects.wav
COOKING Kitchen Gas Ignition_5.wav
COOKING Kitchen Gas Ignition_6.wav
COOKING Kitchen Gas Ignition_7.wav
COOKING Kitchen Gas Ignition_8.wav
COOKING knife pull out of wood block x4.wav
COOKING knife sharpening_1.wav
COOKING knife sharpening_2.wav
COOKING knife sharpening.wav
COOKING mixing flour and eggs_1.wav
COOKING mixing flour and eggs.wav
COOKING mixing into cooking pot.wav
COOKING mixing pasta with sauce into pot_1.wav
COOKING mixing pasta with sauce into pot.wav
COOKING movement handling cups dishes noise.wav
COOKING open butter pack – paper.wav
COOKING oven – open close – slide grill.wav
COOKING oven – open close.wav
COOKING oven – start stop.wav
COOKING pouring ice into water.wav
COOKING pouring milk into flour.wav
COOKING pouring pasta into pot with water.wav
COOKING pouring salt into various bowls.wav
COOKING refrigerator door with bottles – open close.wav
COOKING rustling pasta bag – plastic.wav
COOKING screw – unscrew plastic cap.wav
COOKING silverware into drawer.wav
COOKING silverware movement into drawer.wav
COOKING silverware movements – placed on table.wav
COOKING soup boiling lid open close.wav
COOKING water boiling heavy.wav
COOKING water boiling lid semi close .wav
COOKING water boiling lid semi close light.wav
COOKING water boiling lid semi close_1.wav
COOKING water boiling light.wav
COOKING water boiling medium.wav
COOKING water running in sink_1.wav
COOKING water running in sink_2.wav
COOKING water running in sink_3.wav
COOKING water washing vegetables.wav

More updates coming soon.

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